We are grateful for our clients. A few them took time to write how they feel about our work.

We love our land space and Grateful Gardens with Tim Critz and his team are the reason.

They have supported us with utmost respect for the property and the welcomed critters that visit here. One rock bordered and elevated planting bed was tenderly watched until the baby bunnies were mature enough to be moved. This demonstrates the conscientious and dedicated attitude of Grateful Gardens.

We have been working with Grateful Gardens for about 8 years and never have been delayed or disappointed. The rock work and paving stone enhancements have been creatively exceptional. Not one tree, shrub or flower has failed to thrive.

We look forward to the arrival of spring because we know Grateful Gardens is coming and our landscaping will begin revealing its beauty.

~ Chris and Mary Flock


Dear Timmy C,

YOU are an all-star, #1, fantastic neighbor and friend. Thank you for helping us out in our times of need. YOU ROCK and I love you!

~ Krista


Thank you – So good to have paths and patio cleared!

What a winter!

~ Carolyn Davidson


Dear Tim,

Thank you from my heart for your generous spirit!

I was so impressed with your hard working guys and how much they were able to accomplish!!

You are quite a guy, Tim!


~ Dani